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Articles, Design Ideas, Relevant and Irreverant Commentaries on everything to do with, planning, styling, and decorating a Sitting Room.

I really hope you enjoy yourself here in this Sitting Room Design Paradise!!! We have grown substantially from our original gallery of design ideas and inspirations for the Sitting Room.

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Sitting Room Inspiration

A series of pictures of different Sitting Rooms which I think are interesting one way or another, use the ideas, incorporate them into your own design.

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Classic Sitting Room Designs

This is the Original Section of the Sitting Room Design Website.

Page through a selection of our classic sitting room design ideas, featuring relaxing sofas, armchairs and all manner of sitting room furniture.

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some sitting room design ideas

Decorating Tips for the Sitting Room

Series of articles which set out to help you when you are decorating your Sitting Room

decorating your sitting room, tips and tricks decorating your sitting room articles

decorating tips for the sitting room

Sitting Room Design - Perfect Planning

Plotting and Planning is the most important and often the most fun stage of the whole Sitting Room Design process ...

planning a sitting room, considerations for the design of a sitting room


Sitting Room Furniture

Selecting Furniture for your Sitting Room. After making such an effort we really want the ideal furniture to go into our well designed Sitting Room

selection of classic, cool and funky sitting room furniture. selection of cool and classic sitting room furniture


Quirky Sitting Room Ideas

Sometimes just a single quirky or very cool object can transform your sitting room, if you have a more radical personality and want to stamp it on your Sitting Room Decor then here is the place to look ... get the old thinking juices going with this collection of quirky objects.

Some Quirky Sitting Room Design Objects more quirky sitting room design ideas


Sitting Room Art

It's all in the final detail, the pictures you choose for your sitting room walls can transform a room and add that perfect finishing touch.

Art and Pictures for your Sitting Room Walls


Cool Sitting Room Gadgets

Have fun with technology in the Sitting Room.

Naturally you want your Sitting Room to be comfortable, cool and classy, here are some of our favourite gadgets - at lest you'll keep the man of the house happy.

Articles and Cool Products - Sitting Room Gadgets


More Sitting Room Design Ideas

A selection of other sitting room design ideas, to inspire and titillate you!!!

If you've absorbed all I have to offer on this site, then check out these sites, I've selected them for their quirky or cool sitting room design potential.

More Sitting Room Design Ideas sitting room design ideas from other people


More Sitting Room Design Inspiration

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